International Partnerships

international partnerships

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 SASSA has forged a strategic relationship with CNOUS in France and Studentewerke in Germany to assist SASSA with the setting up of an effective and efficient Student Services Agency in South Africa. The partnership includes research and exchange program between the organizations sharing good practices in the running of the agency.

Over the last 40 years, Studentewerke in Germany has successfully provided public services for the economic, social, medical and cultural support for students in German universities. In cooperation with universities and the surrounding city administrations across Germany, the Studentewerke has improved the quality of student life within the German higher education landscape.

Similarly in France, the CNOUS has created a partnership with the government, universities and local authorities towards improving the student experience of those living on and off-campus. Through is unique network of CROUS service centres throughout France, CNOUS has developed a successful model towards improving conditions of student life, facilitating access to affordable accommodation, catering and transport as well as developing cultural lives on campuses and cities.

 What are the lessons that can be learned from Germany and France towards the improvement of the lives of students who live within the confines of villages and townships or towns and cities in South Africa?