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 The SASSA Advice Centre are strategically located in every local municipality, metropolitan areas and traditional authorities where there is a college and university campus. The SASSA service footprints will be found within the proximity of every campus in villages, townships, towns and cities throughout South Africa in order to provide a comprehensive suite of support services to college and university students.

The SASSA Advice Centres provides support that responds major issues that affect college and university for students. The Advice Centres provides information, advice, services and programs on the following:

  • Welcome/Advice Centres
  • First Year Orientation Program
  • Affordable Student Housing
  • Student Transport and Mobility
  • Student Communal Cafeterias
  • Student Food Bank/Centres
  • Promotion of Student Tourism
  • Cultural Activity and Sport Programs
  • Access to Cinemas, Theatres and Museums
  • Out of Classroom Programs
  • Social Welfare and Health Programs
  • Access to Libraries and Resource Centres
  • Access to WIFI and IT Services
  • Driver Education Programs
  • Employment Opportunities
  • International Students Support
  • Green/Environmental Sustainability Programs
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  • R 10 billion government contribution in NSFAS financial assistance
  • R 5 billion government funding to service historical student debts
  • 400 000 college and university students assisted through government funding annually
  • Over 500 colleges and university campuses and satellite campuses country-wide
  • 2 million student enrolment in private and public colleges and universities annually
  • 200 000 residence students enrolment in colleges and universities
  • 1,800 million commuter students enrolled in colleges and universities
  • 10 000 beds provided by private accommodation providers
  • About 1, 5 million beds required to provide private accommodation to commuter students
  • About 1,800 million students enrolled in urban and metropolitan colleges and universities
  • About 200,000 students enrolled in colleges and universities situated in rural communities
  • 350 000 first year student enrolment in colleges and universities
  • 60 percent retention rate of first year students in colleges and universities
  • 20 percent completion and graduate rates in colleges and universities in South Africa
  • Over 2 million meals served daily, 10 million weekly, 40 million monthly, 400 million annually
  • About 1,5 million students to participate in the national Driver Education Program

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